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The first social network for the building industry.

  • Know the present and the future of the building industry.
  • Interact and discuss.
  • Share information data.
  • Contact with more people.
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Building relationships at work has changed. Networking is essential to career advancement and professional success. We live online and we have to work together with other people, listen to them, give opinions, share ideas and make yourself known. We use the Internet every day: 20% use social networks and 30% use Internet on their 3G devices. Aggregate is the first social network of the building industry, created to connect more than 3 million building expertise in Spain and all over the world, so they can exchange information, contacts, experience. In a word: networking.

  • - Contact people and discuss with them about building sector
  • - Look for job opportunities and new projects in Spain and abroad.
  • - Select the content or info you want to check and make yourself known for other companies
  • - Build your own professional social network

If you look for career advancement and professional success for your company, Aggregate is the professional social network you need.